Carbaflo - Genuine MG Rover

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Product Description

Carbaflo - Genuine MG Rover
CARBAFLO KSP 105 is a unique PFPE - Product which has been specially developed for the automotive industry. The product exhibits an extream low evaporation rate, even at high temperatures.

CARBAFLO KSP 105 is ideal for a reliable lifetime lubrication of mechanical and electro mechanical components, as for example protective motor switches, regulators and encapsulated electro mechanical components where a re-lubrication is technically not possible.

Can also be used for :-

Window judder elimination
Reduction of leather creaking
Facia squeek elimination
Door and sun roof seal stick elimination
Also other areas, which create unwanted noises, for example interior trim in a vehicle.

CARBAFLO KSP 105 is a colourless, fully synthetic, solvent free PFPE - Product.

Advantages :-

No curing delay
No unsightly tapes
No volatile solvents
Durable and invisable

Application :-

CARBAFLO KSP 105 may be added to a clean surface in many ways including wiping, brushing or dippping. After the application CARBAFLO KSP 105 forms an invisible and non reactive lubrication film on the surface of the work piece.
CARBAFLO KSP 105 can be applied during the part production of during the assembling.

Restricted Item

Due to the hazardous nature of this item, it cannot be exported.

We can ONLY ship via UPS Carrier to England, Scotland & Wales, mainland destinations only - NO ISLANDS. )

This item CANNOT be sent by air or via the Royal Mail.

A Minimum Carriage Charge of £7.95 will apply.

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