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    Philips Auto Light Bulbs

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    409265Narva H7 Headlamp Bulbs - 12v 55w - PairNarva H7 Headlamp Bulbs - 12v 55w - PairXZQ000210SILVERNo Longer Available
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    Use XZQ000210BLUE 
    512105Narva Range Power Blue H7 Fog Lamp Bulbs - 12v 55w - PairNarva Range Power Blue H7 Fog Lamp Bulbs - 12v 55w - PairXZQ000210BLUEIn stock
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    £21.67 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £26.00 inc UK VAT
    705594Philips X-Treme Vision H7 Bulbs - 12V 55W - PairPhilips X-Treme Vision H7 Bulbs - 12V 55W - PairXZQ000210XTVPNo Longer Available
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    Use XZQ000210BLUE 
    15403Halogen Headlamp Bulb - Narva Range Power 50 - H1 - 12v 55w - pairHalogen Headlamp Bulb - Narva Range Power 50 - H1 - 12v 55w - pairGLB448SILVERIn stock
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    £16.87 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £20.24 inc UK VAT
    409264Philips Vision Plus H4 Headlamp Bulbs - 12v 60/55w - pairPhilips Vision Plus H4 Headlamp Bulbs - 12v 60/55w - pairGLB472SILVERIn stock
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    £14.79 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £17.75 inc UK VAT
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    Product Description

    Philips Auto Light Bulbs

    What You Should Know Before Changing Your Lamps

    Advice For Good Lighting

    1. Change lamps by pair
    2. Replace headlamp bulbs every 30,000 kms or every two-years
    3. Adjust all lights regularly to avoid dazzling
    4. Check all signalling and interior lamps
    5. Regularly clean headlight lenses
    6. Always have a spare kit in your glove compartment in case of emergency
    7. Upgrade your automotive lights to homologated and original quality lamps
    Note on regulations
    • European regulations guarantee road safety. All signalling and headlamps on European cars must receive ECE certification.
    • Headlighting, signalling and other lamps that have received ECE approval bear an "E" mark (E1, E2...) and must have a certification number, i.e. E1-2C3.
      It should be noted however that the E13 regulation does not ensure the same quality standards.
    • The ECE regulation for headlighting lamps is divided into two categories: R37 for halogen and incandescent lamps; R99 for Xenon HID lamps. These two ratings indicate that the lamp has been certified.
      A lamp may be defined by its nominal voltage, its energy consumption, the shape of its bulb or its category (H1, H4, R5W, P21W...).

    All Philips automotive lamps are Lead Free

    A pioneer in technological development, Philips is also environmentally conscious, and removed all trace of lead from its lamps one year before the new environmental regulations came into force.

    All Philips Automotive lamps:
    • Incorporate leading edge lighting technology and Original Equipment (OE) Quality.
    • Employ UV Quartz Glass.
    • Are certified by ECE European regulation.
    The market trend for automotive lighting...
    ...is always on the move with the latest technological breakthroughs. Drivers understand more clearly about the relationship of good lighting to the safety and comfort of driving. There are diverse lighting needs at different times, on different roads and under different weather conditions. Other than pure functional usage, certain drivers consider lighting as part of self-representation reflecting their unique style and personality.

    To accommodate all these different requirements, there are many ongoing projects to provide innovative lighting solutions for various performance upgrades.

    Our mission is to continuously improve safety and comfort in car driving with leading lighting technologies.

    Philips also cares about the environment, in terms of both product technology and manufacturing methods

    Environment: Many of the new technologies introduced by Philips Automotive Lighting are designed to enable significant environmental breakthroughs and to constantly enhance the green image of the product ranges.

    We make cadmium, mercury and lead-free products and recycling of materials.

    Energy savings: The quest to reduce energy consumption is a golden rule at Philips. It applies equally to products, manufacturing methods and packaging. Every effort is made to respect the environment.

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