Triumph Stag Kenlowe Engine Hot Start & Interior Pre-Heater System

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    Triumph Stag Kenlowe Engine Hot Start & Interior Pre-Heater System


    KENLOWE Hotstart overcomes much of the discomfort, high fuel costs, poor safety and engine wear associated with cold starting throughout the year, but particularly in the winter months whether the vehicle is garaged or lefi out in the open.

      ...Imagine leaving a warm house, getting into a cold or freezing vehicle that is difficult to start, and making your way on wet or icy roads - peering through misted-up windows and with only cold air to provide little help and no comfort. Most car owners experience the additional difficulty of negotiating busy junctions during rush hour with the engine either racing on a rich mixture or ready to stall! Perhaps you start to see and feel an improvement just as you pull into work, complete the school run or arrive at the shops - and throughout fuel consumption is excessive.

    ...Imagine instead starting your engine easily, without choke and feeling instant warmth from the heater - imagine too the luxury of a warm and comfortable interior throughout even the shortest journey, with clear vision from instant hot air demisting and travelling on wet or icy roads WITHOUT the engine racing away. (Perhaps a child crosses the road on his way to school necessitating an emergency stop!) The KENLOWE Hotstart brings you all this AND improves your fuel consumption by up to 46% on short journeys whilst minimising engine wear caused by running whilst cold. (Battery, starter motor and exhaust life are also significantly improved.) KENLOWE Hotstart also ensures easier starting on petrol and diesel engines, significantly increases the efficiency and life of catalytic converters and reduces pollution!


    KENLOWE Hotstart means you can leave your centrally-heated home without dressing for a trip to the Arctic - gloves, coats and scarves inhibit driver control and if your journey is more than a few miles soon become uncomfortable. A blast of cold air is replaced by comforting warm air and even vehicles made in the 90's are uncomfortably like a 1950's home without central heating for the first few miles - KENLOWE Hotstart means the comfort of instant heating even on the shortest journey.


    Only hot air can de-ice windows, and keep them free from misting-up - all round clear vision is not just common sense it is a legal requirement. Peering through a small patch that you can reach to keep free of moisture limits peripheral vision to a dangerous degree - in addition warm breath turns into moisture on a cold screen when the glass is below the dew point temperature of the breath from the driver and passengers. Frosted or iced over windows due to the vehicle being left out in the open, can now be de-frosted or de-iced without resorting to the chilling job of scraping the windows or using expensive chemicals, neither of which avoid the glass misting up as soon as you are inside the vehicle.


    Cold engines need a rich mixture to start and run whether carburettor or fuel injected. The graph shows up to 46% of fuel is wasted during the first few miles from cold and not even the most modern engine becomes fuel efficient until the engine block has reached full working temperature. The KENLOWE Hotstart ensures the block as well the coolant is at running temperature before you set off, making poor fuel consumption on short journeys a thing of the past - even on a journey as long as 9 miles you can save 12% of your fuel. Of course, being at full running temperature before you start means you arrive at the end of even a short journey with more heatsoak in the engine block than would occur without pre-heating and some residual heat is stored for long periods in the engine block which minimises any tendency for choke to be needed when restarting later in the day. Eight hours of daytime winter ambient temperatures are much milder than a sixteen hour overnight period when the engine is not run! High fuel costs or vehicles with high fuel consumption, such as 4x4 off-road vehicles used for everyday use, turns the percentage of fuel saved into a significant annual sum. What % saving would you make on your journey? Graph shows fuel wasted when starting from cold. Remember the Kenlowe engine pre-heater avoids need for choke or enrichment if the engine in fuel injected.


    During the first period from a cold start up to 100% more fuel is used - all this extra fuel passes through the engine unburned but heated into a gas before passing into the atmosphere as ozone damaging hydrocarbons. KENLOWE Hotstart pre-heats your engine before you start, which eliminates the damaging eflect of these gases on the environment.

    The Daily Telegraph reported that "catalytic converters which are made from expensive platinum and rhodium do not remove the hydrocarbons which damage the atmosphere when the engine is started and run cold!" They also reported that "one quarter of all travel is carried out with a cold engine!" In addition some catalytic converters actually incur a fuel penalty and cause more pollution when the engine is cold than cars not fitted with a catalytic converter!

    Cold running of your engine requires enrichment whether fuel injected or carburettor. Enrichment results in unburnt fuel leaving the cylinder which becomes trapped in the catalytic converter where it causes significant damage. Owners who do frequent short runs (e.g. to work, shops or school run) can damage the catalytic converter within as little as 18 months!


    Starting with a cold engine accounts for up to 80% of engine wear owing to unburnt fuel droplets washing oil from the cylinder walls. The life of auxiliaries, such as starter motor, exhaust, and battery, are all significantly extended by starting a HOT engine easily. Using the Kenlowe engine pre-heater means the starter motor is not called on to crank the engine over and over even on the coldest day, in addition condensation in the exhaust system is significantly reduced. Large fleet operators running their vehicles 24 hours a day (3 shifts) have found for many years that avoiding cold starts extends the engine life to a minimum of 1,000,000 miles and often as much as 1,500,000 miles with only routine servicing, fully illustrating how much harm is done to your engine by starting and running cold.

    With the M.O.T. test requiring replacement at anything from £350 to £1,000 cold starting can prove costly!

    A cold engine can be difficult to start, whether it is diesel or petrol, because the battery voltage drops as the weather gets colder and to compound this little or no charge can be put back during short winter days when lights and interior heater are in constant use. (A particular problem on vehicles limited to short journeys.) Cold winter nights also result in the engine oil becoming thicker - in North America or Scandinavia thick oil alone can cause enough viscosity to stop the engine being turned over! A KENLOWE Hotstart assures you of starting every time however cold the weather.

    Diesel engines rely entirely on the heat generated by the compression stroke to give the required temperature to obtain spontaneous combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders. Normally with a low mileage engine and ambient air pressures of +1000, and above, a gas pressure in the cylinder of 50000, or more is achieved during the initial compression stroke which is sufficient to give spontaneous ignition and the engine starts. On higher mileage engines or when air pressures fall below +1000 (and on many mornings throughout the year they do), the ability of a diesel engine to start is greatly impaired! The cylinder walls, pistons and surrounding metal absorb the heat generated by the compression stroke and the required minimum pressure for ignition of 37500, becomes more difficult to reach. At temperatures of zero or below starting can become almost impossible without some form of assistance, especially if the engine is not new. With older engines the first sign of wear is a reluctance to start on cold mornings and the slightest loss of compression means insufficient heat for combustion. Even with the help of various aids engine start may not be achieved! The most logical and simple solution to this problem is heat, increase the block temperature and cold weather starting difficulties disappear. An engine at running temperature before you start will minimise the tendency for fuel to wax in the fuel filter, injectors or fuel lines. The KENLOWE Hotstart can extend the useful working life of an engine by many years, saving the cost of a new! reconditioned engine which, along with lost revenue during expensive downtime, can amount to a considerable sum.

    Positive starting in the coldest weather (-9' C or colder) requires special low temperature fuels to prevent waxing in the tank.

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