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    Triumph Stag Vacuum Advance/Retard

    Rimmer Bros, For all of your Car Parts & Accessories. Triumph Stag Vacuum Advance/Retard and more, fast delivery, worldwide.
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    140Adaptor - Vacuum Pipe to CarbAdaptor - Vacuum Pipe to Carbvacuum pipe to carb - locates in RH carb body1518425In stock
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    Use 37H4229M 
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    Product Description

    Triumph Stag Vacuum Advance/Retard

    Stromberg CD175 Carburettors
    Overhaul & IDentification


    All parts listings and illustrations here refer to UK & European models only

    It is quite straightforward (with the help of a workshop manual) to service or overhaul your own carburettors. It is an important task as fuel economy and performance can suffer due to lack of maintenance. Incorrectly adjusted or worn carburettors can also lead to premature engine wear because unburnt fuel that remains in the the cylinders causes 'bore wash', which eventually glazes the bores, resulting in excessive oil consumption.

    We supply reconditioned carbs, in pairs and strictly on an exchange basis.  The chart here however, is primarilly for identification purposes. We ctually class our units as MK1 or MK2 in order to simplify and maintain a continuous supply of exchange carburettors. If your Stag is one of the very few that was equiped with ' tamper proof carbs', please contact us.

                                           CARBURETTOR IDENTIFICATION

    Zenith                    Triumph                    Triumph                   Fitted To/From
    ID number               LH part number          RH part number          Engine number range
    3289 (RH & LH)       311217                      311216                     All vehicles to LF23932
    These carb's were NOT fitted with 'Temperature Compensator' unit.

    (RH & LH)       311969                      311968                     from LF2394 to LF400001
    Triumph/BL superseded carb' numbers 311969 to RKC824, & 311969 to RKC823 during this period.

    (RH & LH)       RKC824                      RKC823                   from LF2393 to LF400001

    (RH & LH)       RKC2926                    RKC2925                  from LF400001 to LF42914

    (RH & LH)      RKC3254*                    RKC3253*                from LF42915 onwards
    These carb's are termed as 'Tamper Proof'.

    NOTE: During the life-span of the Stag, Triumph/BL made numerous specification changes to the carb's and components, they also changed and/or superseded original Triumph/BL carburettor part numbers (e.g. 311968 to RKC823) whilst still using the same Zenith ID number. Many of these changes are not fully documented, however, to the best of our knowledge, the information above is correct.
    Stags for the North American market had to comply with very strict Federal exhause emission regulations, accordingly, the carburettors and the engine breather system were unique to these models.

    Carburettors & Service Parts
    Although the majority of the service parts appear to be the same (IE, needle valves, diaphragms, service kits etc.), the carburettor bodies are not due to the installation of a by-pass valve.

    However, all is not lost!

    Every Stromberg carburettor has a unique 4 digit specification number (IE: 3289) stamped either on a brass/aluminium tag or on the actual carb' body. Once we have identified the cuarburettor number, and we know your full vehicle details (model, year, engine, & chassis number) we should be able to supply the parts that you need.

    Engine Breather (Emission) Systems
    Because we have access to factory parts records/listings/stocks, we may be able to supply some breather emission parts, please enquire.

    Customer Comments
    "Seen it, bought it, got it. They have the most comprehensive stock for numerous models than any one else. I'll be back." Customer Comment March '17