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    Exmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 Hoods

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    665306Exmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 - Bikini Hood and Fume CurtainExmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 - Bikini Hood and Fume CurtainEXT654-1No Longer Available
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    665307Exmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 - Rear Hood Conversion OnlyExmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 - Rear Hood Conversion OnlyEXT654-2No Longer Available
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    665308Exmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 - Full Hood PackageExmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 - Full Hood PackageEXT654-3No Longer Available
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    Product Description

    Exmoor Trim - Defender - 3 in 1 Hoods
    Defender - 3 in 1 Hoods

    Quality, style & simplicity at its best. The 3 in 1 hood is manufactured from the finest quality Stayfast hooding and is the flag ship hood for Exmoor Trim. This is a higher quality hooding material and achieves a better finish than mohair hooding.

    The idea behind the design is to accumulate all the best products into one.

    Step One - This has been achieved by creating a hood that can simply be removed, turned into a stylish summer Bimini top.
    Step Two - To create a truck cab hood by simply zipping in the fume curtain.
    Step Three - To achieve a full length hood, locate the rear hood section onto the Bimini hood and zip it in. You can still retain the fume curtain or simply stow it away behind the seats in the protective bag.

    The hood is finished to the highest standard and with attention to detail every step of the way. The roof sections all have rod stiffeners sewn in to stop the hood from billowing and flapping, the side panels are all quilted creating a quiet full length hood.

    The hood attaches to the body with a clip on system and keeps the clean lines without the need for any stud fixings to be visible. This hood is designed to fit a standard hood stick set and we supply the body fittings that you need to complete the job. This hood is so simple to fit and will totally transform your Land Rover in a couple of hours.

    Exmoor Trim also offers the front end Bimini hood on its own with the fume curtain so you can purchase the rear end full hood conversion separately if you wish. This gives you flexibility with your Land Rover to add on at a later date.

    IMPORTANT Technical Information.....Full Hood Package

    Supplied with all the components you need to install. Please note that the 3 in 1 hood will only fit Land Rovers with a TD5/TD4 type screen rail. This hood will ONLY FIT a standard hood stick set.

    IMPORTANT Technical Information.....Bimini Hood

    When you purchase the Bimini hood and fume curtain we supply all that you need for the entire hood conversion at this point. Assuming you already have a soft top Land Rover, Exmoor Trim supplies all the Z channel body fittings and rivets.

    Extra hoop support bar
    Two new horizontal tie bars
    Pair of top modified mounting hardware

    The fume curtain section zips in across the top of the hood and attaches to the bulkhead with a Z channel fitting. The fume curtain does NOT attach to the side panel on the Bimini.
    It relies totaly on the quilted panels to form a seal when tension is applied against the side of the hood. Therefore it is very shower/rain proof, but it is not totally waterproof. The fume curtain is what it is meant for as a barrier between the full hood rear and the cab. Though without the rear end fitted it creates a perfect truck cab hood but as we say it is not 100% waterproof as it would be when you fit the back end on.

    IMPORTANT Technical Information.....Rear Hood Conversion only

    If you purchase the rear hood conversion at a later date, this will simply zip into the Bimini hood. All the fittings you were given when the Bimini hood was purchased are required to fit this part.

    The hood will attach to the existing Z channel and just simply fit the two rear Z channel sections to the rear quarter panels.

    Customer Comments
    "I am restoring a Herald in the US. You are a great source for parts." Customer Comment June '17