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    About Us

    About Us

    This is who we are
    Raised in County Durham and apprenticed as Mechanical Engineers in Tyneside, two brothers, Bill and Graham Rimmer, started out by buying, tinkering and fettling their own Triumphs. Later, in 1982, they founded Rimmer Bros., which operated from modest buildings at the family home in Lincolnshire. Those were the days when they bought, sold, restored, serviced and provided parts for Triumph, doing all the work themselves, for they had no other staff.

    The business then grew and many years later, the brothers still own the company they founded, where they now have a loyal, expert and hard-working staff of 65 people to keep the wheels turning. Expansion seems to have been continuous during that time, such that the company HQ at Bracebridge Heath, near Lincoln, now includes 105,000 sq.ft. of storage space, tens of thousands of stock lines, millions of parts - and now covers the Triumph, MG,Rover, Mini, Rover SD1, Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar ( 1998 on ) ranges. For years it has been one of the 'classic' industry's leading concerns, which not only offers many parts which can often not be found anywhere else in the world, but backs this with an amazing record of technical expertise, and a reputation for high-quality service, and for high-speed response to every request.

    30th Anniversary
    As the British motor industry has contracted, Rimmer Bros. has grown larger, to ensure that many well-loved classic cars, now out of production and no longer supported by their original makers, can still be maintained, restored, and enjoyed. While the support for Triumph strongly continues, during the 1990s the coverage of Rover SD1 models was added, and in the 2000's Land Rover and Range Rover, to include models right up to date. From 2005, our support was extended to cover more modern MG-Rover cars. In 2012 our range was further extended to cover Jaguar models 1998 onwards.

    2013 saw the completion of our new warehouse built to the rear of our existing building. It effectively doubles our storage capabilities allowing our bulk Land Rover and MG Rover stocks to be stored on one site. We have also introduced a production line conveyor system into the packing room to increase the speed of order processing and despatch.

    With the company now well-established, the parts inventory at Bracebridge Heath continues to grow, the technical and service expertise continues to match it, and the company's strategic aim is to improve on that, even further, as space, time, and new marketing opportunities allow.

    If you would like to read more about the history of Rimmer Bros, please read our 35 Year History which is being celebrated during 2017.

    Rimmer Employees
    Just some of our loyal staff outside our main entrance.
    Care and expertise for your car
    Whether you live in the UK, or anywhere in the world, we always aim to provide the same high levels of service, product quality and customer satisfaction. To do this we not only invest heavily in our stocks, technology, and service response, but we make sure that our staff know all about our products, and our capabilities. No matter who you are, we will always do our very best to satisfy your parts and accessory requirements.

    To learn more about us, we invite you to watch the short video which has specially been made to tell you more.

    Where do we get our parts?
    Wherever possible we supply stock which was originally manufactured for the appropriate Triumph, MG-Rover, Rover SD1 Jaguar, and Land Rover models, and try to top up this with supplies from original tooling, and original suppliers. In addition, and where it is appropriate, we also offer after-market and re-manufactured items.

    The stock - we are proud of the service we provide
    Rimmer Warehouse
    Not only do we stock an enormous number of parts for all the cars that we cover - Triumph, MG-Rover, Rover SD1, and Land Rover - but we employ highly experienced staff who know everything about the cars which you love, and can provide real expertise and advice about parts selection. Our main building at Bracebridge Heath was acquired in 1991, and extended in 2013 to offer 105,000 sq.ft. of warehousing . Although this is a huge double building now, it is filled by parts with more than 650,000 recorded part numbers, in more than 52,000 stock lines. Our computerised stock control system means that we try to make sure that we rarely run low in stock. Not only that, but we offer an extremely efficient telephone ordering, a 'wireless warehouse' stock control and (wherever possible) same-day despatch system, for each and every part is located where it can speedily be found, ready for delivery. Stock levels have been increasing ever since the business was founded, so much effort goes into providing yet more storage space, more expertise, and a more efficient and friendly service to our customers.

    Approved by British Motor Heritage
    British Motor Heritage Approved
    Rimmer Bros. is proud to have Heritage Approval for its Triumph, MG, Mini and Rover SD1 parts operation, and was first appointed in 1987. This means that British Motor Heritage acknowledges we provide the highest possible standards of service, product knowledge, financial stability, and well-equipped premises, and that we always carry a wide range of Heritage Original Equipment in stock. Only the leading companies in the heritage/classic market sector are approved to display the accreditation sign. To gain British Motor Heritage approval, our products have been sourced, stocked and presented to the highest possible standards, mostly from the original tooling, and to the original specification where possible. These are matched by the highest standard of service, quality assurance, and product expertise that our very experienced staff can provide.

    Authorised by Land Rover
    Land Rover
    Rimmer Bros. is an authorised Land Rover Parts Distributor. This means we have access to the full range of genuine Land Rover parts for every model - right up to current production. Our catalogues and website feature genuine parts throughout - at affordable prices - alongside after market parts. The added advantage of being able to order a part for any Land Rover from the convenience of your home or workplace, means the Rimmer Bros. service is hard to beat!

    Authorised by MG Rover
    MG Rover
    Rimmer Bros. is an authorised MG Rover Parts Distributor. This means we have access to the full range of genuine MG Rover parts - for every model. Our catalogues and website feature genuine parts throughout - at affordable prices - alongside after market parts. The added advantage of being able to order a part for any MG Rover from the convenience of your home or workplace, again.