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Rimmer Bros Newsletter

    Parts Information

    Part Numbers
    At Rimmer Bros we strive to provide a wide array of original, replacement and re manufactured parts.
    We use manufacturer part numbers (where possible) for identification purposes.

    Where Brand icons appear, it makes it easy for you to decide what best suits your needs and to give you cost effective alternatives where available.

    In the Land Rover , Jaguar and MG Rover sections of our website, we often use Brand icons to denote if Original or Replacement. This makes it easy for you to decide what best suits your needs and to give you cost effective alternatives where available.
    If a Brand part is available we’ll display the Brand icon like this: Rover Genuine

    If the part is available from an Aftermarket (quality reproduction) Manufacturer we’ll display the Aftermarket icon:

    And, if the part is available from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (a parts manufacturer, often a recognisable brand, that supplies vehicle makers), we’ll display the OEM icon:

    Part Description & Information
    When viewing a parts information screen, the 'Item Information' should be used to confirm your part number selection. Sometimes there may be more than one variation of the same part - this will be displayed below that part. The 'QTY REQ' column indicates the total number required, per vehicle. Please note; most parts are sold as a single item. The 'Availability' column confirms the status of the part, whether In Stock, Out of Stock (status will display), Available to Order (usually indicating a lead time), or NLA (no longer available). RHD (Right Hand Drive) or LHD (Left Hand Drive) denotes where the driver sits in the car, ie LHD means that you would drive on the RIGHT side of the road. Similarly, RH denotes the right hand side of the vehicle when sitting in the driver's seat facing forward, and LH denotes the left side of the vehicle when sitting in the driver's seat facing forward.

    If a part is 'Available to Order', and a lead time is displayed, this lead time will be from the next working day, and will exclude weekends and public holidays and assumes our supplier has stock. If no lead time is displayed, please contact us for details if required. If a part is NLA (No Longer Available), check the 'Price' column for any part number supersession information. This is usually an alternative part or a variation of a part (eg reconditioned instead of new) or another part that will do the same job. The new part number automatically drops into the next line down, allowing you to select and order.

    When a kit of parts is not completely in stock at the time of placing the order, we may ship a partial kit, providing that the out of stock part(s) are relatively minor. This avoids the order being held up.

    Important: Where an image/photograph of a part is shown, this should be considered indicative of what is supplied rather than an exact representation, as sources of supply and manufacture can change.

    Part Number Supersession
    Some parts may be No Longer Available and may have been superseded by alternatives. Where this has occurred, the system will display a message in the 'Price' column confirming the supersession. The details of the latest number (or alternative) will be shown in the next line down.

    parts supersession

    New, Reconditioned and Used Parts
    Alongside new parts, in many instances we also offer you the facility to buy 'reconditioned' (usually giving us your old component in part exchange). Where there is a reconditioned version of a part, you will usually find the letter 'R' or 'E' added to the end of the part number. When new and reconditioned parts are not available, it is possible that a non-safety critical 'used' part may be available (Triumph & Rover SD1 only). You will find these parts listed under the same part number as new but with a 'U' suffix. All used parts have been inspected and are sold as serviceable when fitted.

    new reconditioned used parts

    Exchange Surcharges (Refundable)
    Where parts are sold on an exchange basis an 'Exchange Surcharge' is applied - a deposit in effect, which is refunded to you when your old unit is received by us. This system allows you to make an exchange without having to send the old unit first, it can often prevent your vehicle being off the road.

    The amount of Exchange Surcharge is shown together with the price on the Product Information page.

    Before returning your old unit please contact us on +44 (0)1522 568000 in order to obtain a returns authorisation (RA) number. See reverse of invoice for full details of return procedure. Units must be drained of oil and water (where applicable) and be complete and serviceable. We reserve the right to retain all or part of the surcharge if the unit is irreparable, damaged or not identical to the type supplied.

    Old core parts should NOT be dissembled for inspection purposes.

    The core parts returned MUST be the same as the original part supplied and MUST be returned in the packaging used for the supply of the original part, AND must be safely fixed/fastened in that packaging – failure to comply may result in a charge being levied for any resulting or consequential costs incurred.

    Returned core parts should NOT be cleaned by abrasive methods such as sandblasting or glass beading. If such cleaning methods have been used and damage has occurred the return core will be rejected and no credit will be issued.