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Rimmer Bros Newsletter

    Close Call
    Rimmer Bros have teamed up with Xpart to offer 'Close Call', a programme aimed at keeping as many MG Rover vehicles on the road as possible, with affordable Parts.

    The objective of 'Close Call' is to review (on request) the prices of expensive body, electrical and mechanical parts, so that repair costs become economically viable. If the cost of the part (s) would ultimately mean that the car is not repaired, then there is a process in place to potentially approve special pricing, depending upon the nature of the part and the circumstances of the repair. Our website displays the 'Close Call' Icon on parts that might qualify. 'Close Call' offers a response turnaround time of 24 hours Monday to Friday from receipt of the enquiry.

    To apply for 'Close Call'
    1. Submit a 'Close Call' request HERE.
    2. Rimmer Bros then contact Xpart with the details of the enquiry. The 'Close Call' team will review and advise if revised pricing is available.
    3. If approved, a link is then emailed to the customer to facilitate ordering via the Rimmer Bros Website at the revised price.
    Rimmer Bros and Xpart work together closely, to ensure ongoing parts availability for MG Rover cars. Please use 'Close Call' to confirm parts availability before declaring a vehicle a write off or uneconomical to repair due to parts supply.