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    Rover Mini Parking Mechanism

    Rimmer Bros, For all of your Car Parts & Accessories. Rover Mini Parking Mechanism and more, fast delivery, worldwide.
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    GridItemIDItem No.Item InformationAttributesQty ReqPart No.AvailabilityPriceOrder Qty
    173081Mounting-rubberMounting-rubberAutomatic122A1336No Longer Available

    173172O Ring - Genuine MG RoverO Ring - Genuine MG Rover
    Automatic622A1563In stock

    £2.33 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £2.80 inc UK VAT
    542153Block assembly-valve automatic transmission - Genuine MG RoverBlock assembly-valve automatic transmission - Genuine MG Rover
    Close Call
    Automatic1THD10027Available from our supplier.
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    Price Match

    £538.78 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £646.54 inc UK VAT
    204974Block assembly-valve automatic transmissionBlock assembly-valve automatic transmissionDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU5888No Longer Available

    204986Plate-main-separating automatic transmissionPlate-main-separating automatic transmissionDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU5889No Longer Available

    203857Cover-automatic transmission valve blockCover-automatic transmission valve blockDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU1337No Longer Available

    204048BoltBoltDetail of Assembly OR valve block to park lockAutomatic3BAU2104No Longer Available

    175089BoltBoltDetail of Assembly OR valve blockAutomatic637H1793No Longer Available

    30810Washer - FlatWasher - FlatDetail of AssemblyAutomatic9WC106041In stock

    £0.79 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £0.95 inc UK VAT
    62586510Washer - PlainWasher - Plain9WC106041JIn stock

    £0.30 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £0.36 inc UK VAT
    1753611Valve-block oil flow flapValve-block oil flow flapDetail of AssemblyAutomatic137H7953No Longer Available

    1750612Plug - shortPlug - shortDetail of Assembly OR valve blockAutomatic137H1786No Longer Available

    2042812Plug - longPlug - longDetail of Assembly OR valve blockAutomatic4BAU5217No Longer Available

    1750713ClipClipDetail of AssemblyAutomatic637H1787No Longer Available

    1731714O Ring - Genuine MG RoverO Ring - Genuine MG Rover
    RoverDetail of Assembly
    Automatic122A1563In stock

    £2.33 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £2.80 inc UK VAT
    1743315ClipClipDetail of Assembly OR connecting armAutomatic127H7738No Longer Available

    2043316Kit-regulating valve repairKit-regulating valve repairDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU5307Available to Order from our supplier. Order NOW!
    Price Match

    £11.75 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £14.10 inc UK VAT
    2524117Lock assembly-park automatic transmissionLock assembly-park automatic transmissionAutomatic1DAM8665No Longer Available

    2040718Camshaft-operating park lock - 9.246/9.322mmCamshaft-operating park lock - 9.246/9.322mmDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU2115No Longer Available

    2040818Camshaft-operating park lock - 9.550/9.373mmCamshaft-operating park lock - 9.550/9.373mmDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU2116No Longer Available

    2040918Camshaft-operating park lock - 9.855/9.931mmCamshaft-operating park lock - 9.855/9.931mmDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU2117No Longer Available

    2039619Spring-park brake automatic transmissionSpring-park brake automatic transmissionDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU2096No Longer Available

    2039920ClipClipDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU2099No Longer Available

    2039821NutNutDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU2098No Longer Available

    2039722Pin-rollPin-rollDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1BAU2097No Longer Available

    5376423ScrewScrewvalve to caseAutomatic3SX504100No Longer Available

    313Washer - Single Coil Locking - 1/4 inchWasher - Single Coil Locking - 1/4 inch3GHF331In stock

    £0.09 ex VAT (Business & Non EU)   £0.11 inc UK VAT
    4768024WasherWasherAutomatic3LWN304No Longer Available

    Use GHF331 
    1729425Pipe-oil valve to servoPipe-oil valve to servoAutomatic322A1144No Longer Available

    1716526O Ring - Genuine MG RoverO Ring - Genuine MG Rover
    Automatic613H5763No Longer Available

    2160327Arm-valve block connectingArm-valve block connectingDetail of AssemblyAutomatic1CDU4040No Longer Available

    Product Description

    Rover Mini Parking Mechanism

    Customer Comments
    "Very impressed with the speed of delivery, and the range of genuine manufacturer parts." Customer Comment February '16