Lumenition Optronic Standard Ignition PMA50/FK110 System for 35DE8

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Product Description

Lumenition Optronic Standard Ignition PMA50/FK110 System for 35DE8
Suitable for 3500 35DE8 Opus Distributor 1976-1985 only:
Triumph TR8
Rover SD1 3500
Rover V8 Engines
Please refer to pdf for all other applications.

For electronic 35DE8 type distributor.
Converts magnetic pick-up type electronic distributor to the simpler and more reliable optical triggering system.

Includes all parts and instructions necessary to convert Lucas 35D8 points type
distributor to breakerless electronic ignition, or to improve 35DE8 electronic distributor.
Benefits include better starting/reliability, reduced maintenance and improved performance/mpg.
(Distributor can also be converted back if so desired).

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Items in this package:
  • 1 Lumenition Optronic Standard Ignition PMA50 Power Module
  • 1 Lumenition Distributor Fitting Kit for Lucas 35DE8 Electronic
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